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Servicing and Repairs

Fluid° is a full service centre for all your equipment servicing needs.

It’s our opinion that diver’s take good care of their equipment and certainly expect it to perform well. To get the best out of your gear, it does need a regular service, especially if it is used infrequently. Our service centre can service a huge range of diving equipment including regulators, cylinders, BCDs and we can repair wet suits & drysuits. Normal turnaround time is 14 days depending on demand and we service all major brands. Most of the wet & drysuit repairs we do in house, but we also have the facility to send suits away for specialist repair.

Replacement of batteries for dive computers are carried out in store with the option of a same day service. As well as all the servicing and battery changes Fluid° also offers TÜV Services and air fills up to 220bar, with parking right infront of the store at the loading zone.